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As an experience project manager, having managed as a contractor over 100 buildings, Claudio saw many clients struggle with decision of how to develop the right design and what the most economical way to build it is. Cavalieri & Associates are a third part representative and extension of our clients’ organization looking for their best interests.

Engaging Cavalieri & Associates will provide significant savings to the project costs. From our experience we save our clients many times over what our fee is. Some of the ways we can save you money;

  • Advise where to reduce cost without risking quality or performance.
  • We are involved in the design development and will provide value engineering.
  • Competitive tendering and negotiations.
  • Strategic scheduling to shorten the permit & construction process.
  • Risk avoidance.
  • Review and negotiate change orders.

There are 4 typical approaches on designing and tendering a project. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the four typical approaches. PLEASE READ MY REPORT ON “MAXIMIZING VALUE WHEN PURCHASING CONSTRUCTION”. (see Helpful Links on the right)

You may be asking yourself the following questions.

  • Who should I hire to design the new facility?
  • How do I start the process?
  • How much will the new facility cost?
  • How long will the entire project take?
  • Should I contract with a Design Builder, Construction Manager or General Contractor?
  • How do I buy my construction?
  • How do I buy my construction at the best price?
  • Who will make sure all my requirements and specifications will be included on the drawings?
  • What is the best way to tender the project to maximize value and minimize costs?

As a general guideline, we advise clients to review the pros and cons for each option. In the document titled, “Maximizing Value When Purchasing Constructions” (on the right under Helpful links) you will gain some insight into the process and the options when looking for a Contractor.

Helpful Links
Joshua Creek Flex Office Complex, Oakville: 3 Flex office building’s facing the QEW, $9,000,000 Construction Value.